Homeless Outreach Providing Encouragement



What is HOPE?


Amarillo Housing First is ideally situated to implement the HOPE Program in partnership with the City of Amarillo. Many of the individuals we serve are unsheltered; we have established relationships with individuals in camps scattered throughout the city. Our knowledge of individuals who camp and their locations allows us to identify and recruit those who would be a good fit for the HOPE program. Our office is at the Guyon Saunders Resource Center, which has a low-barrier daytime shelter for the homeless. Our ongoing presence there will enable us to use the Center as one of our major recruiting sites for the HOPE work program.


AHF partners with the City to operate and administer the program services, including coordinating and staffing with trained Case Managers. Our case managers will continue to engage with each client weekly, working toward the client’s goals and supporting them as each goal is achieved. Each goal will be a marker of moving “from crisis to stability and beyond.”


200 S Tyler St., Ste. 1A

Amarillo TX 79101

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